Track Chairs

NACRA 2015 Track Chairs and Co Chairs

NACRA 2015

Track Chairs and Co-Chairs

 Accounting, Finance and Economics

Chair:                  Bobby Waldrup, Loyola,

Organizational Behavior/Human Resources

Chair:                  Grace O’Farrell, University of Winnipeg,

Co-Chair:           Katherine Breward, University of Winnipeg,

Cases Written in French

Chair:                 Thierry Delecolle, ISC Paris,

Co-Chair:          Nabyla Daidj, Institut Mines Telecom,

Cases Written in Spanish

Chair:                  Josep Cano, ESADE,

Co-Chair:          Jorge Alfonso Gonzalez, Monterey Tech,

Corporate Governance and Ethics

Chair:                  Marlene Reed, Baylor University,

Entrepreneurship/Small Business/Family Business

Chair:                Bambi Douma, University of Montana,

Co-Chair:          Chris Cassidy, Sam Houston State University,

Marketing/International Business

Chair:                 Javier Silva, IAE Business School,

Co-Chair:          Josep Franch, ESADE,

Processes, Projects and Technologies

Chair:                 Joan Ramon Mallart, ESADE,

Co-Chair:          Javier Busquets, ESADE,

Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Chair:                 Cynthia Ingols, Simmons College,

Strategy and Policy

Chair:                 Gina Grandy, University of Regina,


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