PRL Fellowship Flyer

The Case Research Foundation and the North American Case Research Association (NACRA) are pleased to announce the 2015


 Who are the Fellowships for? Early-career academics interested in developing their skills in case teaching, research, and writing.

Who is eligible for the Fellowship?  Doctoral students and faculty in their first three years of a tenure track appointment (2015-16 is counted as year 3) in business and related disciplines.

What’s included? A stipend to support travel to, lodging and incidentals at, and registration fees to attend the North American Case Research Association annual meeting. The stipend is intended to cover all necessary expenses.

Where and when? This year’s annual meeting will be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida, on October 8-10, 2015. Activities will begin on the morning of October 8 and conclude mid-day on October 10.

What activities are planned for the Fellows?  The conference will provide special programming for the Fellows, providing an intensive introduction to case teaching, research, and writing. The Fellows will be paired with senior academic mentors and invited to attend all conference sessions and activities.

How can a Paul R. Lawrence Fellowship help me? It can help you hone your professional skills as a classroom teacher of cases and author of publishable peer-reviewed teaching cases. You will have an opportunity to network with others in the broader case research community. You will be honored by receiving a competitively-awarded Fellowship.

What is the deadline for applying? June 12, 2015.

How will applications be evaluated? Applications will be evaluated by a committee made up of members of the board of the Case Research Foundation, a nonprofit public benefit corporation affiliated with NACRA.

What criteria will be used? Applications will be evaluated based on the applicant’s interest in and commitment to the case method; his or her likelihood to benefit as judged by prior academic performance, professional accomplishments, and letters of recommendation; and his or her ability and willingness to attend the annual NACRA meeting.

How can I get more information? For more details or for application materials, please send an inquiry to: CaseResearchFoundation@gmail.com

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