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CRJ Special Issue on Women’s Leadership Call for Cases


 CALL FOR CASES: Special Issue on Women’s Leadership

 The Case Research Journal will publish a special issue on women’s leadership, to be guest-edited by Professors Cynthia Ingols of Simmons College and Gina Grandy of the University of Regina.

The deadline for submission to this special issue is January 12, 2016, for targeted publication in late 2016 or early 2017.

The Case Research Journal (CRJ), published quarterly by the North American Case Research Association (NACRA) and XanEdu Custom Publishing, is dedicated to enhancing case research and publishing exceptional teaching cases.  Founded in 1980, the CRJ is double-blind refereed and accepts about fifteen percent of manuscripts submitted.  Further information about the journal is available at by selecting the Case Research Journal link.

Domain of the Special Issue

The domain of the special issue is broadly defined as teaching cases on women’s leadership.  After studying the case, students should be able to put themselves into the shoes of the woman protagonist and formulate and defend alternative courses of action.

Appropriate topics include (but are not limited to):

Women leading:

  •  in the fields of accounting, finance, HR, marketing, operations, or sustainability
  • at any level of  organizations from the C suite to supervisory levels
  • in interactions between firms and nongovernmental organizations
  • not-for-profit & public sector organizations
  • international firms
  • shareholder activities
  • corporate social responsibility organizations or activities
  • in social and environmental responsibility in supply chains
  • social entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurial enterprises
  • incremental and transformative change in organizations
  • during times of crisis
  • boards
  • strategic activities
  • in male dominated industries
  • in unique organizations (e.g., churches)
  • a diverse workforce

Focus and Methods

For this issue, the CRJ will publish decision-focused cases based on original, primary research. Issue-focused cases may also be considered, although authors interested in writing an issue-based case are encouraged to consult one of the special issue editors in advance.  Preference will be given to cases where the woman leader and her organization are named, rather than disguised, but disguised cases will be considered where the case scenario and/or issue warrant. Note: sensitive information, such as financial data, may be disguised to protect an individual’s or organization’s competitive position. Authors who intend to disguise information are encouraged to consult one of the special issue editors.

MethodsCases should be based on original, primary research.  Examples of such research include (but are not limited to):

  • Field research in the organization
  • Interviews with key decision-makers in the organization
  • Interviews with stakeholders impacted by an organizational decision, issue, or problem
  • Review of primary materials, such as internal company documents, legal proceedings, or stakeholder documents.

The CRJ does not publish cases based solely on secondary sources, such as journalistic accounts.  It also does not publish fictionalized, composite, or hypothetical cases.  Occasionally, the CRJ publishes papers about case writing and teaching.  Such papers will be considered for this issue if they are relevant to the special topic domain.

An Instructor’s Manual (teaching note) must accompany each case submission. The IM should follow the guidelines outlined at:

North American Case Research Association

Authors are encouraged (but not required) to submit cases to the 2015 North American Case Research Association’s annual meeting to be held in Orlando, Florida, October 8 – 10, 2015. This will enable authors to receive and respond to feedback on their cases prior to submission to the special issue. For details, visit:  At the time of submission, at least one author must be a member of NACRA.  (Membership information is available at

Further Information

For further information regarding this issue or a potential submission, please contact:

Cynthia A. Ingols                                                 Gina Grandy

Guest Editor, Case Research Journal                 Guest Editor, Case Research Journal                    

617.521.3837                                                        306.585.5647

John Lawrence, Editor, Case Research Journal

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