Tupper Cawsey 1943 – 2015


Tupper Cawsey 1943 – 2015

It is with respect and sadness that NACRA announces the passing of Tupper Cawsey. Dr. Tupper Cawsey was a Professor Emeritus of Business at Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business and Economics. A distinguished academic and administrator, among the many roles that he served during his long career included Associate Dean of Business at Wilfrid Laurier University, MBA Program Director and Director of the Laurier Institute. Tupper was the recipient of numerous awards, including being a 1994 recipient of the David Bradford Educator Award from the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society. A prolific author, he published over 50 journal articles, and authored several books including Canadian Cases in Human Resource Management and Cases in Organizational Behavior. His most recent book, co- authored with Gene Deszca & Cynthia Ingols and published in May 2015, was titled “Organizational Change: An Action Oriented Toolkit,” 3rd Edition.

Tupper was an active and dedicated member of North American Case Research Association. A prolific and award winning case author, in 2005 he received the Christiansen Award ¬†from the Kaufman Foundation and NACRA. In 2007, his case “Board Games at Lutherwood” won the Directors College Corporate Governance Award and the Bronze Case Award at the NACRA Conference. In 2009, his case “NuComm International” won the Gold Case Award at the NACRA Conference. A Fellow of the North American Case Research Association, Tupper served as an Editor of the Case Research Journal.

Tupper was a warm and compassionate man, and his encouragement and kind words were a source of inspiration to a generation of aspiring case writers. NACRA wishes to extend its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Tupper Cawsey, and to express our appreciation for his contribution to our organization.

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2 Responses to Tupper Cawsey 1943 – 2015

  1. Tania Casado says:

    Tupper was a generous senior scholar; he was always ready to help newcomers at NACRA and ASAC.

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  2. Robert MacDonald says:

    Tupper was one of those rare individuals, I believe, who took a real interest in the development of others. When myself and colleague Heather Steeves were seeking to publish our very first case study, the feedback provided by Tupper was insightful, and integral to the improvement of our work. Meeting the man in person at ASAC and NACRA conferences was a treat, and he will, I think, be long remembered for his lasting contributions to our craft.

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